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Generations Arts and Education, inc.

Our Purpose: The promotion of traditional arts and education.


Our Mission: To create short term and long term projects that promote and develop traditional arts, offer educational opportunities, and connect our communities.

We believe that connecting generations within our communities promotes individual and family well being. We strive to offer educational and artistic opportunities to provide this connection. Indeed, we feel that providing artistic and educational outreach to individuals helps them to find and build their own communities. 


Meet The Team


Emma Beck

Doing double duty as manager and director of family band Fiddle Express, Emma has taught music for more than a decade. She loves to share that passion with others everywhere she goes. She is the author of the curriculum we use  to teach ukulele for The World Ukulele Project. She has also started a very successful music teaching channel on Youtube.  


Jennifer Fletcher

Jennifer believes that life is too short to ever stop learning!  That is why she can often be found reading and researching, or teaching others what she has learned.  Whether teaching interactive history to teens, play-based learning with preschoolers, or gardening skills to women's groups, Jennifer believes that knowledge should be shared!


Melissa Wolfe


Bringing to our group a lifelong love of literature, Melissa seeks to bring books to all of our community partners. After years of leading teen book clubs, and leading teen groups in her home town, she balances her love of learning with a love of connecting with people to serve those who participate in our programs. 

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