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Because We All Need to Recharge....

As a Mom, you are always on call. You pick up after others and care for their needs. Let us pamper you at our Mother’s Retreat. Refresh your spirit and recharge for a few days with us. Fill your mind with great ideas and your soul with great conversation. We’ll take care of everything for a few days so that your cup is full when you return to your family.

April 20th - April 22nd 2023

Thursday April 2oth 

Friday April 21st 

Saturday April 22nd

After we arrive at the cabin, we will enjoy a wonderful dinner together.  A book discussion about Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters is next!  We will share some of our favorite things and Refresh!

Wake up to a fantastic breakfast and be energized for our day's adventure.  After a nutritious lunch, enjoy a parenting workshop by Melissa Wolfe.  Dinner will then be served, followed by an evening of games together. 

Enjoy a relaxing morning  and lunch together before heading home rejuvenated!

Our book this year is Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell

Pages of Book
Citrus and Flowers

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Location will be the Mountains of Southwestern Idaho

Outdoor Practice

Melissa Wolfe has given workshops and talks on marriage and relationships since 2000. Melissa earned her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2005. She has created her own marriage and parenting workshops, and loves helping others create healthier, vibrant relationships.

Walking in Nature



Class taught by

Melissa Wolfe


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